Logic Pro 9 / Pro Tools 10


Logic 9 & Pro Tools 10


Studio City offer Basic | Intermediate | and Advanced Master Classes in Music Production & Engineering using industry standard software; Logic Pro & Pro Tools. These Master Classes are designed to give students a detailed understanding in necessary Music Production and Engineering skills.

All Master Classes run for a total of 10 hours which are broken up into five 2 hour sessions and are a combination of practical hands-on experience and taught theory.

Whether you are just starting out and but ambitions to becoming an exceptional producer or sound engineer, or you are already commercially active within the industry but require extra tips and techniques to brush up on your skills, the Master Classes, which are taught by qualified Industry professions with a list of signed and established credit to their name, are crucial to your progress and development as an engineer / producer.


Skott Summerz, Levi Lennox, Vee, Sam Harts, Chanel Kiasi

Serives and Prices

Logic Pro / Pro Tools Beginner £25.00 per hour
Intermediate £30.00 per hour
Advanced £35.00 per hour

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