[Music Technology] Tree rings played on turntable goes viral. Sounds like Daft Punk


06 May

Author: Daniel Cardona
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A video of tree rings being played on a record player has become a viral hit, with the rings playing distorted and disturbing music. Listen below.

The recordings have been created by Bartholomaus Traubeck, who has turned a collection of trees ‘date rings’ into playable pieces of music for a science project titled Years. Oddlyenough, one of the videos online sounds like the distorted closing moments of ‘Contact’, the final song on Daft Punk’s world-conquering Random Access Memories. Listen below.

Source: http://www.gigwise.com/videos/90758/tree-rings-played-on-turntable-goes-viral-sounds-like-daft-punk#ALSjCTRYXHMu5z3J.99

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