Online Distribution


Online Distribution


The creation of music is what you do. Now, no matter who you are — whether established, singed or not, managing a roster of artists or running a small label — at the end of the creative process of the music you create, you require one thing: Distribution (a way to get your music into places where your targeted listeners are able buy your music music). That’s where we come in.

Music Distribution

Studio City are able to place your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other online stores. We collect and distribute 100% of the money to you from your music sales along with detailed streaming and sales reports.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• Music you composed/wrote the lyrics to /or have the legal right to distribute
• The music should be in high quality digital format (.wav)
• Cover art in a digital file format (.jpg, .png, or .gif, 1600×1600 pixels)
• If you don’t have cover art (click here) for CD cover design

That is all you need to start generating money from your music online.

Recent Clients

Skott Summerz, Ratlin, Rebler, King Cas, Double S, Mic Righteous, Era, Youngs Teflon

Serives and Prices

Online Distribution Registration fee £49.99
1 song £14.99
3 songs £44.99
5 songs £74.99
Mixtape Package: 15 songs £199.99

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