Royalty Administration


Royalty Administration


Royalties, in the music industry, are fees paid to songwriters, composers and performers for the use of their music. Studio City can administrate your royalties reliving you of admin time and making sure that you are paid for your work when it is aired on Radio, TV or streamed online.

What we do to make sure you get paid:

• Register your works with the applicable Performing Rights Organizations
• Copyright registration of new and existing recorded works
• Maintain and update artist/songwriters database and review sales and airplay data.
• Transparency: we provide exact information about how much we receive for your works from each royalty organization.
• Offer our clients personal assistance and explanation for any accounting and reporting issues they might have.

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Skott Summerz, Ratlin, Rebler, Breadboys, Levi Lennox

Serives and Prices

Royalty Administration One time registration fee £100
1 song £24.99
3 songs £44.99
5 songs £94.99
Mixtape Package: 15 songs £224.99

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